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Who would you say makes up your primary target audience & where do you see yourselves trading?

(Who are you aiming your products at, what are their characteristics and preferences, where do you see your products selling at, etc.)
Who would you say are your key competitors?

(Who do you consider your competitors to be and what are their strengths?)
Have you got a website?

(This will help us get a general opinion about your company and also allows us to see how your design assets look at the moment)
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(Everyone admires what Innocent Smoothies does, we know we do, but we want to know who inspires you and makes you tick?)
What design style do you think would be a great fit for your brand?

(Having references to where your taste lies in terms of what you like and dislike will helps us draw a better plan. Feel free to show us examples of both.)
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(Images, colours, design themes that haven't already been explored? Links to visuals are always helpful)
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